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Being Different 🖖

It is okay to be different. A lot of us are. And there are a lot of things written and spoken for people who are different, who are unique.

But something that isn’t so often said, is that it is okay to be the same as everyone else too. It’s okay to be doing something that is common, that isn’t something different.

You don’t have to stand out just because you’re told to; just because you’re forced to.

It’s okay to work at a 9:00 to 5:00 job, slamming away at the keyboard. Monotonous. But you know what responsibilities wait for you back home. And maybe those responsibilities demand that you stay monotonous for a while.

It’s okay to be the same as everyone. It’s okay not to be a yellow umbrella among all the black ones. It’s okay to blend in with other.

It’s okay. As long as you’re fine with it, it’s okay!


Funny how sometimes you just find things.. 😊

Maybe the first time you saw her was when you were 25

The time when you didn’t know what this flustered feeling meant in your heart. The time when you didn’t understand why you went weak in your knees while talking to her.

And maybe, you didn’t know what to do at the time. You tried a little too hard to not show how much she meant to you. You tried a little too hard to be cool and that was what made you wait for the clock to strike 12 to be the first person to wish her a happy birthday.
And every time she looked and smiled at you, you wanted her to look away because you didn’t know how to deal with all these emotions inside your chest.

But every time she looked away, all you could think was, look at me, please. Just once more!!❣️

Few feelings meant everything to you!

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So many people will offend you, you will be bruised and trampled by people whether intentionally or not…
The experience would be devastating.

It is your choice to dwell in the pain or cut your loses and move on in life.

you need to know this…

Every trash in your house requires you to take either of these actions

1. endure the offensive odour
2. take the trash out

You decide!!!

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Manuscript found in Accra, Paulo Coelho

The people who really help others are not trying to be useful, but are simply leading a useful life. They rarely give advice, but serve as an example. Do one thing: live the life you always wanted to live. Avoid criticising others and concentrate on fulfilling your dreams. This may not seem very important to you, but God, who sees all, knows that the example you give is helping Him to improve the world. And each day, He will bestow more blessings upon it.

Manuscript found in Accra, Paulo Coelho


Nothing gonna stay always.. :)

We always wish for people to not be temporary.
But I guess that was always the thing with everything. Nothing is gonna stay always.
People, things, moments. Heck, even memories got dumped into oblivion when we no longer try to remember them.
Maybe that’s why we always try to love anything or anyone so much that we give everything we can to them because we realized that one day, they’ll be gone.
And when that time finally comes, we gave everything hoping there’s no room for even a speck of regret.
And though it hurt. To let go. To live without the things that were once pushing us to breathe and live.
It will hurt like thousands of tiny needles simultaneously pricking the tendons of your heart.
And it will continue to hurt more each day.
And I dont know what’s worst. Them being gone or the hurt that comes with it or the regret that you have given them so, so much of you that when they left they took more than a part of you.

But don’t you see, you have left others too with or without your knowing.
You left memories you never wanted to resurface again. You left all the broken things you once took great care of. And most of all, you left people who could’ve given you their world but you refused to accept.

So you walked away. You left. You became someone’s temporary. We are all someone’s temporary. I guess we are.


What does HOPE look like??🤔

What does hope look like?
Hope looks like the sunrise every morning directing you towards a new beginning that has nothing to do with the sunset of the previous day.

Hope looks like a lighthouse that guides you when you’re out of your way in the sea.

Hope looks like a notification that strikes your phone when you’re missing someone badly.

Hope looks like your crush looking at you with a smile that makes you think about the infinite possibilities of both of you being together.

Hope looks like the vivid dark clouds in the sky when you’re trapped in the heat waves.

Hope looks like the topper sitting in front of your desk when you haven’t studied properly and the teacher is also not strict.

Hope looks like your bestfriend cheering you up when you’re about to give up.

Hope looks like the first blossom of spring after the winter.

Hope looks like your mother’s phone call when you had a bad day.

Hope looks like you when you see yourself in the mirror not giving up at any cost and trying hard to win over your insecurities.

This is all according to me.. What’s according to you?? Do share😊

@Silent Pen


Dear Valentine😉❣️

*Nine reasons why I have been choosing you, Dear Sleep, as my Valentine*

Dear Sleep,

1. Though I want us to be together forever, even five minutes in your lap makes me smile.

2. With you, I can never have trust issues. As I know, you can never ever betray me.

3. When I feel stressed, exhausted and frustrated, only you come to me, providing me with eternal solace.

4. You care for me just like my mom, as I can’t sleep without having my meals.

5. In all those boring office work, you accompany me like a true life partner.

6. Even if I want to escape you, you love me enough to not let me do so.

7. I may betray you at times with my phone screen, but you make me fall for you over and over again.

8. You come to me with the speed of a tornado, stick to me as if glued together with a fevi-kwik and leave me slower than a crawling snail.

9. And at last, you neither demand for expensive gifts or chocolates nor bother about my looks. Your love is for my soul and it is true and pure.

~ SiLeNt SleeP🤗