I hope 💕

I hope you fall in love with someone who always calls you back and never lets you fall asleep making you feel unwanted. I hope you fall in love with someone who holds your hand during the scary parts of horror movies and burns cookies with you while you’re both busy dancing around the kitchen. […]

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Emotions ❤

If you must cry, cry like a child. You were once a child, and the first thing you learned in life was to cry. Never forget that you are free, and that to show your emotions is not shameful – it’s the fastest to put our hearts at ease.” – Paulo Coelho, Manual of the […]

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Ultimate goals 😊❤

I believe one of the ultimate goals when it comes to love should be to be with someone who makes your life easier. Be with someone who makes you laugh when you don’t want to. Be with someone who can bring you sunlight during your darkest moments. Be with someone who can provide you with […]

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Don’t be discouraged 😊

One day the person you need will walk into your life. I can’t tell you how, when or where but it will happen. Keep believing in love. The people from your past will become a distant memory. Some of them broke your trust. Some of them may have took you for granted, but when the […]

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Worth keeping around👫

Whoever gives you the most peace, deserves the most time. Anyone who can quiet the chaos from your day, is definitely worth keeping around. Anyone who can be there to listen to you vent, is definitely worth holding on to. Older couples will tell you, it’s the small things their significant other did that made […]

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Special one 👫❤

If they check on you from time to time for no reason at all, you have a special one. If they listen to you when you are frustrated, you have a special one. If they are very supportive of your dreams, you have a special one. If they free up time in their day just […]

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