Everyone has worlds within them…🌍🌐

Everyone has worlds within them. When you meet someone, your worlds collide. Your worlds may find harmony or they may be constantly at war with each other. There may be sparkles and life where your worlds meet or blazing fires and destruction.

Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to be a part of someone else’s world. A world that they have built, brick by brick, over the years through their imagination, their own creation. 
With the words they’ve been told, the stories that they have been part of. Scented with the perfume of their childhood and guarded by the days they’ve paid for in pain. Comforted by the love they’ve gathered and fueled by all the dreams they’ve ever dreamt. 
Some people may leave you in the middle of their world with no compass. There begins your quest to find them. Through the darkest of their valleys and the brightest of their roads. The times that they’ve forgotten and the graves of memories they’ve buried. Take a whiff from the cool breeze that flows over their oceans and let their waves bury you. You’ll be washed away like the tides from a full moon. 
You may find a home in their world or your footsteps will be washed away like those of many others who came to walk that beach. Don’t wish to destroy someone else’s world, rather nurture its beauty. Know its secrets and gather its ruins. Learn when you are in someone else’s world, appreciate its imperfections. 
Be daring enough to enter someone else’s world for in this journey, you might end up losing yourself. Or in this trip you take, you might end up finding your own world.


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